Philips LED Lightbulbs

From our Wicklow location, Whelan Supplies & Accessories ships quality lightbulbs to customers nationwide. We stock a range of Philip LED Lightbulbs. Philips are one of the world’s most recognisable supplies of quality lightbulbs. Their stock includes an extensive range of energy-saving lights.
From outdoor lights to indoor lights, our selection has the correct bulb for the unique needs of our clients.
Our full range of bulbs is available to clients nationwide. We supply both individuals with cost-effective light bulbs. We also have a wholesale business that ships larger orders nationwide.
Restock the lights in your home, in your business or on your store shelves by contacting our expert team today.

Contact us today for additional information on tour extensive range of Philips LED Lightbulbs.

Value Lightbulbs

We also supply a full range of value LED lights. Our range of Kodak LED lights are long-lasting, robust and available at rock bottom prices. We have the right type of lightbulb, from individual lightbulbs to value packs, whatever your needs.

Our range of value lightbulbs includes:

  • Kodak Candle 3pk Value Pk Ses E14 Small Screw Cap

  • Kodak Led 60w Bc 3pk B22

  • Kodak Led Gu10 3pk Value Pk 50w

We ship our value lightbulbs to clients nationwide. We send lightbulbs to both individuals and businesses. Our are also a lightbulb whole seller.

Lightbulbs FAQ

  • Do you ship lightbulbs to clients nationwide?

    Yes, we ship lightbulbs to clients all over Ireland.

  • Why are LEDs better than traditional lightbulbs?

    Simply put, LED lights use less energy; they last longer and don't produce as much heat, making them safer.